Bonus Non-Episode #4: New Friends and Farmaroo Classics! (Or, “Put The Kids To Bed!”)

Here's another Bonus Non-Episode of The ONLY Songs That Matter Podcast, bringing you the first installment of the best of Farmaroo V! Featured artists include Brent Peterson, David Andrew Smith, Jahida Esperanza, and many, many, many more, including Virginia's own AMERICAN IDOL Season 4 finalist Travis Tucker! We've also got the Farmaroo house band of Micah, Clayton, Sam, Brian, Dr. Trevor Kemp on the bass, Guido in the mix on drums, Eric Connolly on tambourine and electric drum kit, and a various cast of literally dozens of others. This podcast features many Farmaroo favorites, including tunes by The Band, Weezer, and Bill Withers, as well as other jams by Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Bob Marley, and more.